PPC has an incredible training program for contractors who would like to take their concrete flooring skills to the highest possible level.  We will certify you and your company to become part of our nationwide Certified Contractor Network.  This will allow you to be awarded projects that we obtain through our national and regional facilities accounts.  We cover everything from concrete place and finish all the way through to lifetime maintenance of these floors.  While polished concrete is obviously our main focus, we do offer industrial coatings installation training courses as well.  We are very excited about helping you and your company achieve the best possible results on your next concrete flooring project!  


Course Fees:

Place and Finish Course: $1500.00 - 2 day course

Concrete Polishing Course: $1000.00 - 2 day course

Industrial Epoxy Coating Course: $800.00 - 1 day course

Industrial Urethane Cement (Self-Leveling) Course: $2000.00 - 2 day course

Industrial Urethane Cement (Trowel-Down) Course: $2000.00 - 2 day course

Polishable Self-Leveling Overlay Course: $1500.00 - 2 day course

Polished Concrete Maintenance Course: $800.00 1 day course

Concrete Surface Preparation (Shot Blast, Diamond Grind) Course: $1000.00 1 day course


Because we tailor each training class schedule around your company please contact us at 404-202-1838 or for more information and class schedules that fit your needs.