Concrete Placement and Finishing

PPC uses a proprietary finishing aid during the screeding and finishing process that provides our clients with industry leading surface abrasion and overall slab strength gains.  The chemical additives are only great if the placement and finishing is stellar.   Therefore we have compiled a very short list of place and finish contractors who can make your dreams a reality. We only work with the best in the business because our reputation is riding on every drop of concrete that is placed and finished for our clients. Cost is always a concern when searching for the proper contractors but it shouldn't be the deciding factor. A low bidder who says they can do the same job for less money tends to cost more in the long run. Rest assured that we have already taken the steps necessary to secure the best contractors for your upcoming projects with budgets that you can rely on. These companies are the best of the best.

We want to ensure that our place and finish professionals are delivering the same quality control on all of our projects. To be honest, the best of the best like it that way. When you have nothing to hide it always shows in the finished product that we deliver to our clients.