If you polish it right the first time it will last a lifetime. Ask us about our Lifetime Maintenance Program today!

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is almost a cliche in the flooring industry. Today most people think that polished concrete is something that looks great in photos but not in real life. It is very subjective to the discerning eye. PPC has built our business on a foundation of successful polish projects that stretch far and wide around the world. Limiting your design choices only to your imagination is one of our specialties. In most cases what you see in a big box store is not polished concrete.  We deliver a much more resilient and abrasion resistant solution that actually appeals to your customers eye and your employees needs. Let us show you the difference on your project.

  • Proper placement and finishing techniques allow for a superior finished product as it pertains to polished concrete
  • High performance polished concrete that will last the life of the building with our lifetime maintenance programs
  • Industry leading DOI/GLOSS and Surface Texture measurements for the life of your building
  • We stand behind our CCP (Certified Concrete Polisher) nationwide network 100%