Mix Design Review

We provide recommendations for best practices based on each individual client's needs. We can help your structural engineer create a customized mix design for your project that will take into account the regional access to mix components, strength, exposed or non-exposed surface and much more. We work with your architect and structural engineer to formulate the proper mix design for optimum results and performance over the life of your concrete.

Questions we should be asking:

  • What is the facility going to be used for?
  • Do you want to polish the concrete or surface coat it?
  • If polishing, will it be a decorative surface or just a utility surface?
  • How quickly do you need the turn around to be from placement to use?
  • How much rebar or structural support will be in place at time of the poor?
  • Will there be forklift or other heavy traffic?
  • Is the vapor barrier placed properly without voids?
  • Do you even need a vapor barrier?
  • What are the environmental factors we need to consider?
  • Will the local ready mix company be able to cooperate with your demands for the delivery of the desired mix design?
  • Does the local ready mix supplier have computerized slump monitoring to ensure that the concrete you are paying for is actually being placed?